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Maple bowl 17 x 5Turned from a maple tree on my parking strip that the city took down; I dug 20 nails out of it while turningappropriated by Maureen
Cherry Natural-edge bowl 8 x 5A handsome bowl with bark contrasting nicely with the lighter woodappropriated by Maureen
Maple bowl 8 x 2.5An elegant bowl with some ripple grain.appropriated by Maureen
Poplar vase 5 x 7Lightweight and translucent, with subtle colors. donated
Maple Natural-edge bowl 8 x 9Turned from a maple tree on my parking strip that the city took down; no nails in this onedonated
Douglas Fir table 25 x 19Another log-round table in a nicer settingdonated
Maple Natural-edge bowl with calcite13 x 5An large, shallow bowl with interesting grain highlights. A bark inclusion across the bottom was filled with calcite from the inside, but left open on the outside for a more natural look.donated
Sycamore bowl with calcite11 x 4This bowl exhibits beautiful ripple-grain patterns and colors An area of bark inclusion was filled with calcite, a soft stone, which creates an interesting effect. donated
(This one got away too soon)Set of four: Cherry bowl 14 x 4These bowls were turned from the same piece of wood, nested within one anotherdonated
Plum bowl with bamboo accents6.5 x 2Plum is a pretty wood with rich colors, but is very prone to warping, which is what happened to this bowl. I should have chucked it in the woodstove, but didn't have one, so it hung around until I got the idea of using bamboo to salvage it. I fit a bamboo ring to the base so it would sit flat, and added the bamboo twig to distract the eye from the warping. It kindof works!donated
Cherry & Maple box 3 x 4My interpretation of a Chinese style, with the corners of the 'eaves' risingdonated
Walnut bowl 11 x 4A classic two-tone walnut salad bowldonated
Cherry bowl with calcite13 x 4.5A large bowl with pretty grain. Some small calcite inlays add intrigue. given as gift
Honey Locust Natural-edge vase 5 x 6.5This vase has very pretty grain, topped with creamy sapwood and bark on the rim. A small crack in the base was filled with azurite.given as gift
Birch goblet 3 x 7A thin-walled goblet with beautiful grain. given as gift
Yew bowl 7 x 2This is a beautiful bowl, with rich color, interesting grain, and a lustrous finish. The small eye in the bottom is an infill of malachite; the green is a perfect complement to the color of the wood.given as gift
Spalted Birch bowl 12 x 5.5This bowl has interesting colors and patterns from the spalting. The end grain looks like a sunburst!given as gift
Cherry bowl 10 x 4This bowl has some deep blue azurite inlaid around the knot, which creates a nice effect.given as gift
Oval Walnut Natural-edge bowl 8.5 x 2.5An interesting bowl, deliberately turned oval - good for bananas! It is shallower than it looks in the picture.given as gift
Red Cedar bowl 14 x 6Nice grain pattern with a soft patina; you could make a pretty big salad in this one!given as gift
Red Cedar bowl 14 x 5The other half of the log round that the above bowl came from.given as gift
Birch Natural-edge bowl 8 x 8My first real bowl - took forever!given as gift
Birch bowl 10 x 5An attractive salad bowl with contrasting colorsgiven as gift
Walnut bowl 7 x 4A small bowl of subtle beautygiven as gift
Mimosa bowl 9 x 3Mimosa is a soft white wood with dark heartwood, and finishes with a soft patina.given as gift
Magnolia Natural-edge box 4 x 5A rustic boxgiven as gift
Spalted Maple box 3 x 4This box has beautiful ripple grain, which combined with the spalting makes a very striking box.given as gift
Honey Locust Natural-edge vase 4 x 6A simple vase with some bark left around the rimgiven as gift
Honey Locust Natural-edge vase 4.5 x 6A pretty vase with attractive shape.given as gift
(This one got away too soon) Pine bowl 9 x 5An intriguing design, with 7 knots arranged more or less symmetrically around the rim; one is much smaller. Unfortunately, this bowl has a number of technical flaws and some cracks. It was a learning experience, but I do have more of this woodgiven as gift
(This one got away too soon) Walnut bowl 6 x 2A simple, elegant little bowl, with soft, subtle, but beautiful grain.given as gift
Maple bowl 10.5 x 4A beautiful bowl with large, irregular areas of dark brown spaltinggiven as gift
Cascara bowl 5.5 x 3A thin, delicate bowl with subtle, beautiful colors.given as gift
Yew bowl 6 x 2.5To my mind, yew is one of the most beautiful woods. This elegant little bowl is full of character, with dark heartwood, creamy sapwood, some spalting, a knot, a knothole, and some slight cracks.given as gift
Yew bowl 8 x 2More of a dish than a bowl, this is a beautiful piece with a lot of character.given as gift
Maple bowl with gold inlay17 x 7Well, not really gold. Several small defects and cracks were filled with brass for a striking contrast with the beautiful colors of the spalted wood; and it does seem to catch the light like gold. This is a very large bowl which would be suitable for entertaining. It is from the same tree as another bowl, from which I removed 20 embedded nails while turning. Happily, this piece had only two. given as gift
Ash bowl 8 x 3.5A very nice bowl with interesting grain patterns and colors, enhanced by a semi-gloss finish. A number of small "eyes" add character.given as gift
Cherry Natural-edge bowl 9 x 6A nicely balanced natural edge bowl with a pleasing tumble-home shape.given as gift
Yew bowl 6 x 2A lovely little bowl in my favorite wood.given as gift
Cherry hollow form with purpleheart cap and base3.5 x 7A beautiful weedpot, the lighter color of the cherry contrasting nicely with the purpleheart. It has gone slightly asymmetric at the top.given as gift
Yew bowl 5 x 2.5A beautiful small bowl with a pleasing shape, and nice character from the wood.given as gift
Black Locust platter 14.5 x 2.5A large platter with wild grain and colors, and some significant voids. Some small voids were filled with calcite; others (on the outside) were left empty.given as gift
Yew box 4 x 5A simple box with beautiful grain; some small cracks and voids were filled with malachite.given as gift
Yew bowl 4 x 1.5A small, delicate bowlgiven as gift
Maple platter 14 x 1A beautiful platter with lots of ripple grain and chattoyance. A bark inclusion on the edge adds interestgiven as gift
Maple hollow form with mahogany lid4 x 4A nice little box, with thin wallsgiven as gift
Walnut hollow form 5 x 7A large weed-pot with dramatic contrast between the dark heartwood and the light sapwoodgiven as gift
Maple Natural-edge bowl 9 x 4.5This bowl has very interesting grain, highlighted by a glossy finish. A small void was filled with malachite for a spot of color.given as gift
Walnut bowl 11 x 4.5A classic walnut bowl, displaying the striking contrast between the dark heartwood and the light sapwood.given as gift
Cascara bowl 7 x 2.5A nice little bowl with interesting grain and a soft patinagiven as gift
Cherry bowl with bark inclusion4.5 x 2.5A small bowl with a section of bark left on the surface for added interestgiven as gift
Maple bowl with turquoise13 x 5This bowl came from a large maple tree that my neighbor took down, despite my wishes; it turned a spectacular yellow in autumn. He was, however, nice enought to offer me some of the wood. This piece has very nice ripple and birdseye patterns in the grain. A knot-hole in the bottom (which caused lots of problems!) was filled with turquoise for dramatic effect.given as gift
Yew bowl 6 x 2A simple small bowl in a wood that speaks for itself.given as gift
Honey Locust hollow form with azurite3 x 5.5Well, this was originally intended to be a winged box, but I shattered the wing (several times - it kept getting smaller), and so resorted to damage control. It became a nice small box with a dark finial for the lid. Some cracks were filled with azurite for striking effect.given as gift
Yew bowl 4.5 x 1.5A delicate and simple small bowlgiven as gift
Yew bowl 6.5 x 3A basic bowl in a pretty wood, with a little of the creamy sapwoodgiven as gift
Madrone bowl 12 x 2.5Madrone has a beautiful, somewhat subtle grain, which in this bowl was enhanced by some malachite fill in a soft knot. Madrona has a reputation for being very reactive; this piece was unusual in that it was very stable.given as gift
Honey Locust goblet 3.5 x 6Turned at the Woodworkers Show as a demonstrationgiven as gift
Cherry bowl 13 x 3A simple, elegant bowl with beautiful grain patterns.given as gift
Cherry bowl with bark inclusion13.5 x 4.5This piece of cherry has beautiful grain. The character of the bowl is enhanced by a bark inclusion. The bowl is heavier than typical, to avoid a hole where the bark inclusion lies. This bowl has warped considerably since turning, and could not be corrected without making the lip around the rim uneven; I guess we'll have to call it a 'feature' of the natural material.given as gift
Cherry bowl 13 x 4A large salad or fruit bowl with pretty colors and a shiny finishgiven as gift
Sequoia bowl 10 x 3This was cored out of the 16" bowl, giving it the vase shape. The colors of the wood are very pretty, accented by a glossy finish on the outside.given as gift
Walnut bowl 10 x 3A straightforward bowl in a naturally beautiful wood. This one was cored from a larger bowl, as the wood was too nice to turn into shavings.given as gift
Sequoia bowl 10 x 3A simple bowl with pretty colors, cored out of the 12" bowlgiven as gift
Pear Natural-edge bowl 5 x 3A small, attractive bowl with a different shapegiven as gift
Pine Cradle3 x 5A swinging cradle, with mahogany trimgiven as gift
MonkeyTree bowl 9 x 2A shallow bowl showing off the knot pattern (more evident on the bottom)given as gift
walnut bowl 12 x 4This is a beautiful piece of wood, the pictures don't do it justice. The bowl is enhanced with small malachite inclusionsgiven as gift
Cherry bowl 12 x 4A nice salad bowl with pretty graingiven as gift
Monkey Puzzle Tree bowl 12 x 4A salad bowl taking advantage of the symmetric knot pattern of this type of palm tree.given as gift
Yew bowl with malachite highlights12 x 4A salad bowl turned from beautiful yew wood. However, I just learned that yew wood may be toxic. Better use as a fruit bowl for peelable fruit!given as gift
Maple bowl 12 x 4A handsome oval bowl with contrasting pith and sapwood colors, and a little malachite accent.given as gift
Cherry bowl 12 x 4A simple salad bowl with some malachite enhancementsgiven as gift
Blonde box 5 x 7A round box in a blonde wood, chosen so as not to conflict with the medalion in the lid. The medalion is a section of a limb that has a natural figure resembling a seal. A small divot was filled with malachite to give a green eye.given as gift
Honey Locust box 4 x 5A simple round box in a beautiful woodgiven as gift
Honey Locust Natural-edge box 4 x 5A simple natural-edge box. A small divot on the top is filled with malachite.given as gift
Cherry bowl 12.5 x 5A large salad bowl; some voids are filled with malachitegiven as gift
Cedar bowl 12.5 x 5A deep bowl turned from a friend's treecommissioned
Cedar bowl 11 x 3The larger of these bowls was cored from the previous 12.5" bowl, and the smaller cored from the larger, saving a lot of nice wood from being turned into shavingscommissioned
Cedar bowl 12.5 x 4Another bowl turned from a friend's treecommissioned
Cedar bowl 12 x 4Another bowl turned from a friend's treecommissioned
Cedar bowl 12 x 2.5Yet another bowl turned from a friend's tree, with malachite filling the cracks in the knotscommissioned
Cedar bowl 12 x 5And another bowl turned from a friend's treecommissioned
Cedar bowl with malachite12 x 2.5A final bowl turned from my friend's tree. With this one, I was trying a new tool grind, and a different shape, and I managed to turn right through the bottom. So I glued on a new bottom, of a different material, and hid the joint with a ring of malachite.commissioned
Black Locust bowl with calcite12 x 4An intriguing bowl, with interesting grain patterns. The soft wood in a couple of knots has been replaced with calcite, forming a striking contrast with the surrounding dark wood; the calcite itself is translucent. sold$85
Birch bowl with azurite ring6 x 2.5This bowl has subtle but beautiful grain. It has gone noticably oval. Thinking it overly plain, I enhanced it with a ring of blue azurite in the bottom.sold$30
Plum Natural-edge bowl 6 x 3Plum is one of the most beautiful woods, with rich colors. However, it is difficult to turn, as internal stresses often cause it to self-destruct as it dries. This one came out very nice; one small crack was filled with deep blue azurite. sold$45
Plum bowl 6 x 2Another piece of plum with beautiful colors. This one actually did self-destruct as it dried. It was such a pretty piece that I salvaged it and glued up the cracks, which are now hard to see. I left a piece of the bark on the underside, which polishes up very beautifully. The top edge is irregular.sold$45
Russian Olive bowl with malachite15 x 5Prominent, beautiful grain pattern; section of soft wood was filled with malachite/calcite for a dramatic appearance.sold$100
Spalted Birch bowl 11.5 x 9This bowl has interesting grain from spalting.sold$55
Spalted Maple bowl 7 x 3This bowl has interesting grain from spalting. It is very light, and has soft edges.sold$35
Segmented Maple bowl 7 x 3This bowl has beautiful ripple grain! The dark ring is African blackwood, segmented with translucent spacers. It's my favorite bowl. sold$65
Cherry Burl bowl with malachite6 x 3This bowl has the beautiful, irregular grain of a burl. It was originally much larger, as it had numerous voids which I was trying to turn away. Eventually, I gave up and filled the voids with green malachite, which created a very striking bowl.sold$50
Cherry bowl with calcite11 x 3This bowl has beautiful colors! There were some cracks in the wood, but it was too beautiful to waste, so I filled them with calcite, to nice effect. This bowl has gone somewhat oval.sold$50
Douglas Fir table 25 x 19A sturdy log-round tablesold$100
Yew Natural-edge bowl 6.5 x 4This bowl exemplifies the beauty of yew, with it's rich, fine-grained heartwood contrasting with the creamy sapwood. Some knots on the bottom add additional interest to the grain.sold$50
Maple bowl 11.5 x 4.5A beautiful bowl with very intriguing grain, including lots of ripple patterns; it has gone about 3/8" out of roundsold$70
Maple bowl 11 x 5This is a thin, lightweight, deep bowl with lovely colors and beautiful chatoyance (cats-eye effect, visible in the photos). A small knot-hole was filled with calcite, which makes a nice point of interest.sold$95
Pear bowl 9 x 4This bowl has a section of bark left on the outside to add interest, consequently it is thicker and heavier than usual. A small crack has been filled with calcite.sold$45
Plum Natural-edge bowl 6 x 2.5This bowl has nice contrast between the dark bark, the creamy sapwood and the tans, browns, and reds of the heartwood. Plum is a beautiful wood, but hard to work with because it is very unstable as it dries. This bowl came out well, with only 3 very small (1/2 x 1/32) openings in the sapwood.sold$40
Yew Natural-edge bowl 7 x 2A handsome bowl in my favorite wood. I turned it with a natural edge to preserve the creamy sapwood, making a nice contrast to the warm tan of the heartwood.sold$45
Cherry hollow form with dark finial3.5 x 5My first attempt at a hollow form - to my surprise, it came out very nice, and I didn't break through the side!. The cherry turned out to have very pretty grain.sold$40
Chestnut Natural-edge bowl 13 x 7This bowl provoked a lot of admiration; the rather plain grain is counteracted by the natural edge, pleasing tumblehome shape, and glossy finish. It also has a small blemish which adds interest, and is filled with malachite on the inside.sold$100
Sequoia bowl 12 x 5A large bowl with beautiful colors! I initially resisted turning this wood because it is soft and requires a lot of sanding, but I think it was worth it.sold$75
Monkey Tree bowl 9 x 4Monkey Trees are a kind of Pine, distinguished by long, curving branches that look like monkey tails. The branches intersect the trunk in a series of planes, making possible the unique knot patterns such as the one on this bowl.sold$80
Cherry hollow form 3 x 7A pretty weed-pot, with contrast provided by the disc at the top (turned from a piece of hardwood flooring I had in the shop, species unknown)sold$30
Sequoia bowl 16 x 6A large bowl from a large tree, with the pretty reddish colors characteristic of Sequoia.sold$100
Monkey Tree bowl 8 x 4A 4-knot pattern. This bowl has gone somewhat out-of-roundsold$65
Honey Locust Natural-edge box 4 x 5A simple natural-edge box.available$45
Maple/Honey Locust peppermill 3.5 x 6.5A peppermill disguised as a mushroom.
Bamboo Frame4 x 8A large, decorative frame to display rain chains for Jade Mountain Bamboo. Water is pumped from a resevoir at the base to the trough near the top, then runs down the chains for visual appeal. All joints are pinned with bamboo pegs.