Hollow Forms

Walnut hollow form 5 x 7A large weed-pot with dramatic contrast between the dark heartwood and the light sapwoodgiven as gift
Maple hollow form with mahogany lid4 x 4A nice little box, with thin wallsgiven as gift
Cherry hollow form with purpleheart cap and base3.5 x 7A beautiful weedpot, the lighter color of the cherry contrasting nicely with the purpleheart. It has gone slightly asymmetric at the top.given as gift
Cherry hollow form with dark finial3.5 x 5My first attempt at a hollow form - to my surprise, it came out very nice, and I didn't break through the side!. The cherry turned out to have very pretty grain.sold$40
Honey Locust hollow form with azurite3 x 5.5Well, this was originally intended to be a winged box, but I shattered the wing (several times - it kept getting smaller), and so resorted to damage control. It became a nice small box with a dark finial for the lid. Some cracks were filled with azurite for striking effect.given as gift
Cherry hollow form 3 x 7A pretty weed-pot, with contrast provided by the disc at the top (turned from a piece of hardwood flooring I had in the shop, species unknown)sold$30