These wooden bowls and other turned items make exquisite and highly appreciated gifts for birthdays, weddings, thankyou's, and other occasions.

I am still working on my photographic skills; many of these items are much prettier than their photos. Click on the thumbnails for a larger picture.

Bowls sometimes change shape after turning, as the wood dries, becoming slightly oval. Often this is barely noticeable unless you are looking for it. Sometimes it is quite apparent, and may be considered a feature or a defect according to your point of view. Some bowls are deliberately turned oval, for effect.

All bowls are finished with a food-safe finish, unless otherwise noted, and are signed on the bottom.

Although I started turning bowls, I have branched out into other items, as indicated on the left.

I am using this site to archive all of my turnings (although quite a few got away before I started). Items for sale can be viewed through the Available Items link. Since this is a low-volume operation, I don't have a shopping cart; just give me a call at 253-752-1358, or send an email to